Youngsook interprets that the neo-liberalists’ global system is based on a highly militant operation of the brutal hierarchy that divides humanity and exploits nature. Her ongoing series, dis-camouflage is a visual statement of this criticism. By adding on hand embroidered remarks in bold and contrasting manners upon camouflage patterns, this series attempts to propagate humanistic narratives against naturalised militaristic ones. It is also the act of reclaiming nature by reverting the artificial process of patternising wild landscapes that is originally diverse and colourful. 


* Works included (from top):

Foot Soldiers, unframed 110 x 55 cm

This is homage to all young workforces who are from poverty and might fill the bottom of hierarchy in any socio-political structure. A lamentation for institutionalised fragility, endorsed blood shed and the hopeful hopeless . 

Love that is fading away, framed 78 x 48cm.

For those who took the heavy weight of sacrifice lightly in the name of love. Didn’t anyone tell you that love is one of the worst dictators? 

Empire is on the way, framed 56 x 44cm.

One after the other, there is always one reclaiming the crown of the empire. Well disguised with spectacularity and over promising, its arrival is becoming more and more penetrating. Colonialism is never ending project.

* Exhibited in Dundas Gallery (Edinburgh, 2017), Art the Arms Fair (London, 2017), Espacio Gallery (London 2017, 2018)