Children’s Peace Party


Children’s Peace Party takes a hands-on approach for educating democracy and fairness. This project looked into the potentiality of children’s political agency through a series of creative workshops for schools and the resultant festival run for and led by local children in Luton. I programmed three types of creative workshop series – printing, games development and forum theatre practice – as platforms for the participating children to discuss what a fair society means to them. With the outcomes produced through these workshops, children were encouraged to design, lead and serve the peace party festival as creative practitioners for their peers. The whole process proved well that we should never undermine children’s citizenry voices and capability of taking an action. It had been also a sheer reminder that children are very much aware of socio-political problems we are facing today.      

(Video credit: Greta Zabulyte) 

Commissioned by Luton Council, as part of ‘People Power Passion‘ that celebrates a centennial history of Luton Peace Riot – angry Lutonians burnt down the town hall as a response to the snobbish peace party arrangement that excluded war veterans and their families.